Add your garden

2Pond IMG 0093If you would like to list your garden you will be given an ID and password which gives you access to an easy to use administration page for your garden. You then enter all your details and photos. You can then go in at any time and edit your details and photos. Your photos must be approved by an admin first to avoid poor quality photos being added. 

We are here to help, if you are not happy using the administrative page to enter your garden information, we can do it all for you if necessary.

The annual fee to list your garden is $140.  If you have an Event that you would like to promote, it can be added to our Events Page for a Cost of $70.  That is for 12 months so it is best to list the Event 12 months out from the Event to get maximum exposure.  /events.aspx

  Payment must be made at the time the garden/event goes live.

By listing your garden on  you are not permitted to promote other Garden Web Sites. Any breech of this will result in the offending material being deleted with out notice by the web master.