A' La Fois


The Garden

The gardens start at the road with an easy stroll down a formed concrete drive. There are many areas to enjoy for all levels of fitness. For the not so mobile persons (including walkers) there is seating all around the house and a deck overlooking the pond. More seating in the gorgeous courtyard for you to enjoy. We also provide a ride back to the road for any person that is unable or would prefer a ride back up the drive.

Every attempt has been made to use the existing land form. Judicious plantings of natives and exotics have been chosen for their form and foliage to create pleasing and interesting vistas.

The garden has interest all year round with many tropical vivreya's and large drifts of colourful Australian grevillias as ground covers on banks.

As gardens are a moving landscape there have been changes to planting and hard landscaping continuously over the years. There several large interesting pieces of garden art to be enjoyed.



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The Gardener

Author Julian Mathews wrote in the NZ GARDENER.

Margaretha and Terry work hard to ensure their garden is always immaculate. They share in the garden's many tasks, so when it comes to the clipped Eugenia, which are a strong feature of the garden, the work is equally divided. Terry does the closely clipped hedges and cones , but as for the lollipop shapes, Margaretha likes to a looser look for the lollipop shapes, so she does that herself. She confesses to loving clipped shapes. " I’m a hairdresser- and can't help myself, " she says.

Terry and Margaretha love having visitors to their garden to enjoy the beauty they have created. 



Garden Details

31 Coatesville Heights, Coatesville.

Up the Albany hill from Albany village.
Left hand turn into Coatesville Riverhead Highway.
Turn left at the pony club into Glenmore road.
We are first turn right Coatesville Heights.
alafoisgardens@gmail.com margaretha.terry@gmail.com
mob 02765 33 404
Contact Person
We are open by appointment. Short notice is OK please call first. Margaretha 027 65 33 404
Garden Size
A six acre block, that in 1999 was covered in gorse and scrub.
This has given Terry and Margaretha plenty of room to garden.

Several natural bush tracks are still under development.
Groups of 12 or more $15 per person.Guide provided.

Adults $20
Brochure Available?
Yes we can email a brochure.
On street parking for buses ,coaches and cars. It is a no exit street and on road parking is safe.
All around the gardens .
Dogs Allowed
No dogs allowed.
Children Allowed
Only over the age of 14 as there are large ponds.
Plants/Other Sales
Plants for sale. A variety of plants propagated by Margaretha.
Guided Tours
Guided tour for groups. These take about 1 to 1.30 hours.
They are taken by Terry and will provide a humorous commentary and anecdotes of the trials and tribulations in creating and having open gardens.
Other Facilities

A' LA FOIS is 7 minutes from Albany Village and 10 minutes from vineyards at Kumeu.

The historic Riverhead Hotel is a 7minute drive.