A Wild Dream


The Garden

Only 28 kilometres from Queenstown towards Glenorchy, along the Wakatipu lakeside you can find our hidden paradise. from early spring till autumn we have thousands of flowers planted all over the 5 acre garden. including about,3,000 roses that brings a beautiful smell while walking around, and thousands lilies, some of our lilies stand over 4 metres tall! poppies and many other varieties of flowers. We also have all kinds of yoga position sculptures erected along the 700 meters of tracks, water features, and some wild life, such as peacock, ducks, and geese.

Our paradise is also the home to many mature NZ native and exotic trees, a wide variety of fruits, nuts, berries and ornamental trees established. A man made creek through the property, also ponds with plenty of fish.

Did we mention that our paradise sits exact on the 45th parallel south? Meaning it is the same distance from here to the Equator and the South Pole!



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The Gardener

Thomas and Christy Schneider are orignally from Switzerland and the Philippines, and have lived in New Zealand for 36 years.

Here you can discover a creation that has taken 26 years so far all done by an individual.  As a child Thomas had a strong sympathy for nature, so everything around his garden has been crafted with a lot of passion and love. Unfortunately this sort of passion for nature, plants, animals and individual creation becomes rare in this fast moving industrial world.


Garden Details

2600 Glenorchy road Mt. Creighton
Located on Lake Wakatipu and only 25-30 minutes drive from Queenstown New Zealand, and 15 minutes drive to Glenorchy.
+64 3 442-6196
Contact Person
Thomas & Christy Schneider
We are open from the morning till evening and happy to take bookings for large groups.
Garden Size
This rural/residential property consists of 5 acres- or 1.98 hectares (19,800 m2) of fertile land.
$15 per person, with tea, coffee, juice and cookies $19 per person.
Family and group discount available
We have off street parking for cars buses and caoches.
Yes we have toilet available.
We have plenty of areas with places to sit. The verandah and pergola face towards the lake taking in the incredible views, which is why the rooms all have large picture windows. From here you can take in the mountains, well planted and kept gardens, and lake.
You are welcome to bring a picnic to the garden.
Wheelchair Access
The property has a bit of everything from flat land, which slopes up a gentle rise to flat terraces on the hill. Some of the garden is OK for Wheelchair.
Dogs Allowed
Because of all our birdlife we prefer not to have dogs.
Children Allowed
Yes but please supervise at all times as we have water features.
Little Paradise guesthouse offers relaxing accommodation situated in a beautiful garden with thousands of different flowers and several water features.
Large, cosy and unique rooms.
One cottage with a queen bed and ensuite.
Shared kitchen facilities, lounge, laundry and shower.
Parking space, luggage storage.
German, Filipino & English spoken.
Barbeque area
We have many people using our garden to take wedding pictures.
Plants/Other Sales
Plants can be sold, but only during the planting time of the year.
Guided Tours
Guided tours can be arranged.
Other Facilities

By arrangement we can also show our garden visitor inside our unique house, to discover our handcrafted furniture's, walls, floor, toilet and bathroom. Most of the used materials are from the lake shore and forest. 

In addition to accommodation, Little Paradise Guesthouse offers easy access to the high adventure activities Queenstown has become famous for, as well as easy access to New Zealand's famous Routeburn and Greenstone walking tracks.

Wildlife, comfort, serenity, scenery and splendor aplenty! Come and let us care for you in this peaceful setting.