Frensham Gardens


The Garden

Our relaxed country garden started in 1992. In the early days I had very little gardening experience and no vision for the site, but an interest in plants was quickly developing. Over the years, with much trial and error, a garden has emerged which we and our visitors do enjoy. Much thought has gone into the placement of colour, the short and long distance views, and the filtering of light which is created by judicious pruning.

The garden has been planned with year round interest in mind, and visitors are encouraged to come and see the garden in winter. There is nothing more spectacular than a crisp winter's day with the low lying sun and its effects. More and more people come in autumn, and many are now visiting on summer evenings, rather than in the middle of the day when plants and people are feeling the heat and effects of the bright light.

There is a serious plant collection to which I am always adding and there is subtle changing of all existing areas. With highly talented gardeners, we can provide an informative and entertaining experience for our visitors.

Frensham welcomes you.

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The Gardener

Each month I write a monthly email newsletter from the garden and this is already received by many people. I write about plants and people, thoughts and ideas, accompanied by photos and a seasonal recipe.  All newsletters are archived on the website.

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Garden Details

139 Old Tai Tapu Road, Christchurch 8025, New Zealand
+64 3 3228 061
Contact Person
Margaret Long
Frensham is open by appointment only.
Individuals, small and large groups are welcome.
Garden Size
Frensham is a relaxed country garden of about half a hectare, set in a farm environment.
Admission: $15.00 per person. This includes a short introductory talk by me or one of my colleagues and we will be available for answering any questions while people are in the gardens; meanwhile we shall probably continue working in the garden.
Brochure Available?
Yes brochures are available
Car and bus parking available.
Food Available
Tea/coffee $3.00 per person . Morning or afternoon tea $7.00 per person.
Frensham Boxed Lunch.
Our unique Frensham Boxed Lunches are available. Freshly prepared, using seasonal produce, Frensham Boxed Lunches can be enjoyed at leisure in the peaceful surroundings at Frensham.
Frensham Boxed Lunch $16.00 per person, minimum order five.
An example of the type of lunch you can expect, though it won't necessarily be this menu as we have many, is:
Smoked chicken and parsley pesto club sandwiches.
Portuguese Custard Tart, Strawberries, grapes, Chocolate truffle.
Vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options available.
Plenty of seating.
Picnics allowed, plenty of seating,
Wheelchair Access
Most areas of the garden are suitable for small mobility vehicles and wheelchairs.
Children Allowed
Most welcome. Very young children must be carefully supervised because of the ponds.
A beautiful venue for wedding photographs.
Plants/Other Sales
FRENSHAM: A New Zealand Garden Book by Margaret Long & Juliet Nicholas is now available for sale.

A wide variety of plants, which can be seen growing in the garden, are available for sale.
Guided Tours
Owner available for guided tours on request.
This takes an hour and a half and detailed information is given about our work in the garden, gardening tips and botanical information.