Pandora Gardens


The Garden

We moved here in 1997 and decided that this was a great space to plan and design a garden. It was from here we decided that bromeliads fitted in and complemented the  other plants. First was a Manuka which gave us cover as well as a large magnolia in the middle of the garden. After ten years we planted Queen Palms down the main walkways, more Magnolia varieties, and several Kowhai.

We first became interested in bromeliads after seeing a Tillandsia ‘Spanish Moss’, hanging from a pine cone. This eventually opened a new world of plants to us. A large glass house is home to a large collection of Tillandsia (air plants). We also have several shade houses with many more Tillandsia and other Bromeliad species.

There are several small paths around the garden with hidden treasures.  A large pergola is now covered with climbing roses and fairy roses growing close by. An aviary and fish pond complete the garden.  Other shrubs have found their way into the garden like many Vireya Rhododendron, Rhododendron, Azalea, Bush Roses, Clivia, Orchids, Staghorn ferns, Ponga and many more.

It has taken the past 20 years evolve as it looks today.  Every three years or so we change plants and colours around to give the garden a new ‘lift’ in its subtropical setting.  



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Garden Details

32 Pandora Place, Pakuranga, Auckland
09 576 4595 or 021 634 899
Contact Person
Bev and Lester Ching
We are open 9am to 4pm by arrangement, please call first.
Garden Size
½ acre town garden, allow 1-2 hours for your visit.
$8 per person. Morning and Afternoon Tea $8 per person.
On street parking for buses coaches and cars.
Yes we have toilets available.
Food Available
Morning and Afternoon Tea $8 per person.
Yes we have plenty of seating around the grounds.
Yes please feel free to bring your own picnic.
Wheelchair Access
Parts of the garden are flat and parts are not suitable for wheelchairs.
Dogs Allowed
No thanks.
Children Allowed
Yes but please supervise.
Ceremony and or photos only for small weddings. Yes please phone for prices.
Plants/Other Sales
We have a Bromeliad nursery.
Guided Tours
We are happy to show our visitors around the grounds.
Other Facilities
We are a 10 15 minute drive to SAJJ garden and 30 minutes to Huntingwood Gardens in Whitford and 20 minutes to Photinia Gardens in Howick