Robyn's Retreat


The Garden

I moved to this address in 1986  and opened the then garden to local charities and schools for their fund raising activities.  Then in 1992 I purchased an adjoining land locked quarter acre section and set about extending the garden.

I had no prior plan and as I was working full time as an administrator for three stud cattle breeds, I built the new area as time and money permitted.  The bones were laid down and then the filling has taken place over the years. 

The area suffered sever flooding from neighbouring properties after very heavy rains, so over time I have lost many plants especially roses as I was unaware until November 2011 that I was taking water from a swimming pool chlorine and all.

Mature trees, camellias shrubs and clematis, peony roses tuberous begonias and many annuals and perennials make up the display.  There is an orchid house and a lily pond.  The annuals are mostly grown from seed.


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The Gardener

My gardening green fingers stem from my grandfather who had a nursery at Kiwitea and he exported tulips to Holland and aster and delphinium seeds else where.  My mother who was originally a fabulous dress maker retired from sewing to work at Frank Masons nursery in Feilding.

My working life revolved around stud cattle administration for thirty six years with a love for horses and their related activities thrown in. I also work part time in the racing industry.  I have a daughter and son both married with two daughters each. One being married in my garden in April 2014.  




Garden Details

11a Fitzory Street, Feilding 4702.
06 323 7672
06 323 7678
Contact Person
Robyn Lundin
My garden is open from October 1st until 30th April.
Garden Size
Half an acre.
Charges are $2 just to visit the garden, all of which goes to the Blind Foundation as I sponsor a guide dog puppy.
On street parking, mine is the rear section
Yes in my home but not for wheelchairs.
Food Available
I do group morning or afternoon teas by prior arrangement.

Charges are $2 just to visit the garden and $3 for m/t or a/t (choice of five things to eat) - total of $5. All of which goes to the Blind Foundation as I sponsor a guide dog puppy.
There is ample seating around the grounds.
Most welcome.
Wheelchair Access
Yes the garden is wheelchair friendly, however we don’t have disabled toilets.
Children Allowed
Only 12 years and over under strict supervision as there are water features.
Please make enquiries.
Plants/Other Sales
I have a sales table - all plants $2 each
Guided Tours
No, the garden is only half an acre. I greet visitors and give them a short history of the garden and let them find their way around. but I am available to answer questions.