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A collection of New Zealand garden designs. This site lists formal gardens, tropical gardens, vegetable gardens, and 'many other garden designs and venues for Weddings, Accommodation, Plant sales, Other (gifts, garden art) sales, Cafe/Restaurant and Functions.

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 We welcome the amazing Hamilton Gardens to the site.

Telling the story of gardens through themed garden collections, Hamilton Gardens explores different civilisations , and recreates historically important garden styles from the farthest reaches of the world.

Visitors are guided on a journey of discovery along paths leading to mysterious surprises: step from a peaceful Sung Dynasty Chinese Scholar’s garden into an Italian Renaissance Garden, before being enthralled by the grandeur of the Indian Char Bagh Garden. Hamilton Gardens has 21 themed garden areas with more being developed.

Hamilton Gardens is not a botanical garden. Instead, its unique and internationally recognised concept has been compared to a museum. Each garden collection has historic integrity and provides a window into the story of civilisations, their arts, beliefs and life styles. 

Hamilton Gardens has five Garden Collections and 21 themed gardens.